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UABASYS is a management software application for agencies and companies that provide Drug Testing and Electronic Monitoring services. UABASYS helps managing drug testing and electronic monitoring/rental services by storing/tracking all business transactions including customer data with photos, invoices, customer receipts, agency billings, color calls, missed monitors and drug test results, and providing all type of necessary reports for supervisors, agency personals and courts—missed monitor and drug test history reports, for example.

UABASYS provides a simple staff and employee management capability to control user access to securely use the system. It also includes Audit trails for all important data transactions so that all transactions can be tracked for auditing purposes. Many basic reports such as Operation, Accounting and Sales reports are also available to help the staffs/admins in managing their routine business operations. When a business is ready for expansion, UABASYS also supports unlimited number of locations and service points. More software functionalities can be requested and are continuously added to better suite your business needs.

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This software is developed by Prolifit in closely corporation with UABACO LLC.